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Especially designed for the aviation industry, our technology aims to prevent all weather-induced shutdowns in Jet Engine Test Cells.

Military and commercial aircrafts gas turbines, or jet engines, have regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance performance tests. A test cell is a facility that encloses the engine and the instrumentation that provides fuel, structural support, and monitoring of engine performance under variable pre-flight and flight conditions.

The information obtained during testing enables the Air Force, for example, to gain a better understanding of how well the engine can withstand a variety of conditions before being fielded. It also supplies manufacturers with the knowledge to develop more durable and reliable parts. The same can be said for commercial airlines which, utilize the same type of test cells to test and maintain their aircraft engines.

When weather conditions have the potential for ice formation, engine testing at these facilities is usually halted. Integrated Icing Solutions is preparing our customers for the next generation of test cells by introducing a new instrumentation device to regain lost testing time while continuously monitoring for conditions that are dangerous to the engine.

The Ice Detection Monitor (IDM) is a real-time ice detection device for jet engine test cells. It is a proprietary technology uniquely developed by Integrated Icing Solutions to predict icing conditions.


  • Relies on actual measurements of ice formation, not weather reports
  • Estimated to recover 70-90% lost testing time
  • Expands testing capacity of test cells
  • Reduces costly testing shutdowns